Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Last Scribe

Well I'm the last scribe for this interesting semester of math class with Mr.Max, and this morning we finished our first part of the provincial exam (Inquiry task).Which everyone thought was pretty easy, but that doesnt mean you shouldn't prepare for the second half!...Anyways in today's class we reviewed to prepare for the written part of the exam.On tomorrow's exam there will be roughly 6 units approximately worth 8-9 marks each.
Also since this is the last scribe good luck to everyone on their exam, and for their upcoming future.

June 10th

Yesterday in class we did review on design and measurment and periodic functions. More of the periodic functions that anythign. Below is what we learned or relearned.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 9th 2008

Yesterday we went over Probability.
Here are some screen shots for you.

Im not good at probabilty so i wont even try to

explain what they mean. lol

Monday, June 9, 2008

June 6/2008

Hello everyone who actually came to class. As you may know the Softball Provincials were hosted at the park, mysteriously causing over half the class to be sick I guess.

Due to this, the class just studied on their own and nothing new was learned or reviewed. However, there was some disscussion about an orc which may possibly look like one teacher in our school.

This is that orc that may or may not look like a teacher in our school.

This picture on the other hand is completely irrelevant, but it is funny and we could all use a little laugh before the exam right?

So, now that everyone is caught up on our discussion on friday i will say good day. Good luck on the exam! Don't choke!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday, June 05, 2008

To start off the class, Mr max promised he'd have the stat tests back.
We are on our fourth day of reviewing for the exam , and today we've chose to review STATS.

Statistics Exam Reviw

The general learning outcomes are

  • Find the population standard deviation of a data set using tech.
  • Use z-scores to solve problems

Some Tips and Tricks.

  • Can you find the mean and standard deviation of :
    A. Ungrouped Data?
    - single data set
    -**stat- calc- 1 var stats L1

    B .Grouped Data?
    - 2 data sets (one set of boundaries and one set of frequencies)
    - **stat calc 1-Var stats L1, L2
    - boundaries * first list
    - frequencies * second list

  • Z-scores (& Normal Distributions)
    *** 68%-95%-99.7%
    z= (the mark - mean )/ standard deviation

    A. normal cdf ( lowest score, highest score, mean, standard dev.)
    normal cdf (lowest zscore, highest z score)

    *Record what your inputs are.. forgetting to write your inputs WILL GET YOU NO POINTS.

    C. "Stats spreadsheet" on the network
    * This sheet will do any kind of question that will get thrown at you on the exam. ALso, record your inputs, screen shots aren't a bad idea either.

  • Binomial distributions/ conifidence intervals

    A. mean = n*p
    standard dev. = n*p*q ------> provided the distribution is binomial
    (( p is "probablity" of success
    q= "probability of failure"
    n= number of items in a data set.))

    B. Binompdf or Binomcdf*** unlikely to see on exam.
    ( # of prob trials, prob of success, no. of successes)
    pdf = implies... ""Exactly this many successes""
    cdf = imples... ""At most this many successes""
    So, P(AT LEAST) = 1- P(at most)

    C.Confidence Intervals
    To receive full marks... your answer should look like this:
    - 1propZInt
    x: __
    n: __
    C-level: ___

    *Calculator default for the interval is decimals/ percentages
    - must be converted if required
    ( p-low * n , p-high * n )

    **** As level of confidence increases size of interval Also increases.
Well guys, our exam is coming up on Wednesday & Thursday!
Study hard, it'll be worth it =)!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vector Review

Well yesterday we did some review on vectors there was some problems loading the diagrams yesterday but they worked today. The exam is next Wednesday and thursday so get crackin' if you haven't started studying.